The Twisted Trees of Slope Point, New Zealand

Slope Point is at the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand. The air streams loop the ocean, unobstructed for 2000 miles, until they reach Slope Point causing incredibly strong winds. In fact, the winds are so strong and persistent here that they perpetually warp and twist the trees into these crooked, wind-swept shapes. 

Slope Point is generally uninhabited, except for the herds of sheep that graze the land. There are no roads leading here, however backpackers regularly make the short 20-minute walk to see the fascinating tree formations that only Mother Nature could create. However there is no public access during the lambing season from September to November.

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Cold ears by WouterPera

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'Gonna build a heaven' by Felicia Simion

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Boophis viridis by Armin Hofen on Flickr.

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Knight. Ink on Paper and Digital Color, 8.25 x 11.5”, 2014. 

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Hang on! - TenNoJi Zoo. by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) on Flickr.

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