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Gominolas (Cytinus ruber) by Alfredo Redondo Navarro

Cytinus rubber is a plant root-parasite of Cistus bushes. It lives inside the host plant except for the inflorescence which appears in March to May as a brightly coloured fleshy blob of flowers at ground level. It is hidden below the base of the bush so unless you specifically look for it you are unlikely to see it.

This species is found in the Mediterranean Region and South Africa. It is included in the Rafflesiaceae family.

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For his ongoing X-ray Series French illustrator Chris Panda reveals the skeletal anatomy of cartoon, comic book and video game characters.

It’s a delightfully unconventional play on classic colouring books. But jeez, we never realized that Jessica Rabbit was suffering from such severe spinal curvature. Ouch.

Click here to view the rest of Chris Panda’s awesome X-ray Series.

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Art Writer’s Wednesday 8 - Tumblr Artist

Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen | on Tumblr (b.1986, Korea/Norway)

With his oil paintings, self-taught fine artist Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen creates awe-inspiring portraits in which his subjects appear to be lost in limbo. Working with a rather unusual yet brilliant aesthetic, Uldalen brings out the vulnerability of his subjects who, portrayed in a dream-like state, appear fragile and evoke a breathtaking sense of calmness.

The Oslo-based creative presents his subjects in highly unique ways, as they appear to be suspended in time and space through their floating postures. They are set against surreal settings and bear a range of peaceful expressions, both of which help create tranquil atmospheres and undeniably soft scenes, reinforced by smooth colour palettes and the artist’s unique technical skill.

Uldalen’s work is a refreshing form of classical figurative art, which brings realism together with abstract concepts. His portraits are engrossing, as they gracefully narrate the interaction between mind and body and between the spiritual and physical. His subjects sometimes fade away – an intentional effect that brings out the ephemeral quality behind the works, and that gives each subject a fascinating, ghostly appearance.

As well as creating intricate studies of the human body, Uldalen puts the emotional side of his subjects at the forefront of his paintings, in a way which reveals his subjects’ sensibility whilst still presenting them under a mysterious light. Such an aspect adds thoughtfulness to Uldalen’s work, and reinforces the meditative atmosphere that dominates each portrait.

Our sincere gratitude to Abbie Cohen from NeverLazy Magazine for this Art review for Artchipel’s Art Writer’s Wednesday #8.

[more Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen | Art Writer’s Wednesday with Abbie Cohen]


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Reuben Wu 

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Skeletal Creatures Carved Out Of Everyday Objects

Artist - Maskull Lasserre 

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Dioptase by usageology on Flickr.

Locality: Tantara Mine, Kakounde, Likasi, Shaba Congo D.R.
Size: Specimen is 1.2 inches tall.

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